Biodegradable Plastic

At All 4 Water we are concerned about the environment and the plastic waste that fills our landfills. That is why we offer an amazing plastic bottle that is 100% biodegradable. We have sourced out a product called ENSO RESTORE to assist our customers who want to do their part to help out the environment by reducing plastic waste.
And the best part is that you can have this product for only PENNIES more!



We use the same procedure to make our bottles as usual, but mix in a small percentage of ENSO RESTORE additive with our new and recycled plastics  to create a small mold. This mold is then blown into a bottle exactly the same way we create our regular PET plastic bottles, with a quick blast of high pressure air into the bottle mold desired. Products made with ENSO RESTORE maintain the same physical characteristics as traditional plastic. The great thing about the ENSO RESTORE product that we use is that it makes our bottle completely biodegradable in a landfill. Tests have shown that as much as 33% bio-degradation is possible in the first ten months alone. ENSO RESTORE accelerates the bio-degradation of plastics in waste environments through naturally occurring microbial activity, and are not affected by light, heat, moisture, UV rays or oxygen. Whereas some other competitors may advertise that their product is biodegradable, the truth is that most other products require sunlight and oxygen to activate their bio-degradation, (two items lacking in most landfills). If you're looking to buy biodegradable bottles, go with the best, go with All 4 Water & ENSO RESTORE!